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meticulous jess marketing tampa florida seo

Having a storefront and/or website is not enough. You need to implement intuitive marketing strategies in order to generate traffic to your storefront or website. Otherwise, you are relying merely on passerbys or people who happen to see your storefront or website on accident. Those are called cold leads. They were not looking for your business when they happened upon it but maybe they will come back when they need your product or service. When you utilize proper marketing techniques, you start get your business noticed by more qualified leads. Marketing not only increases your traffic and quality of leads, but it also improves customer perceptions and your business's reputation as a whole.

meticulous jess marketing tampa florida seo

Studies have revealed that having a website increases sales, and that there is a very strong relationship between website quality and the consumer's trust and the perceived value of services or products being offered by the company Our agency recognizes the importance of having an engaging and effective website that achieves maximum results for your business. Our team of expert website designers implement strategies that engage and educate consumers as well as lead them naturally into the next step of the sales process whether that is initiating contact or buying an item directly from your online store.

meticulous jess marketing tampa florida seo

What you have heard about content being king-is true. Without solid content, you are wasting your efforts and money on advertisements and campaigns that do not work. This can be damaging to not only your balance sheet, but also customer perceptions. Content Marketing is creating written and graphically designed content for your business to use to display products, promotions, or your business's brand. Our marketing agency specializes in high-level written copy that helps build trust and transparency-while also improving sales conversions and your business's reputation.

meticulous jess marketing tampa florida seo

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Marketing strategies implement techniques that help your target audience find your business easier when they are actively searching for the products or services that you offer on online search engines like Google or Bing. These efforts are extremely valuable and majorly increase your return on investment because unlike paid advertisements, SEO generates warm and hot leads for your business whereas advertisements are often viewed by people who are doing something completely unrelated. It is pivotal to hire a true SEO expert to properly optimize your site which will create a larger quantity of high quality leads for your business and can prove measurable results.

meticulous jess marketing tampa florida seo

Your business can reach millions of people nowadays because almost everyone has a cell phone with access to internet. Take advantage of this huge opportunity by implementing a well-thought out digital marketing strategy. Anything that is viewed on an electronic device is considered digital media. A digital marketing strategy utilizes digital media resources like online advertisements, articles, websites, social media, email, SMS/texting, videos and graphics to communicate and promote their products or services to a business's target audience. Proper implementation of a digital marketing strategy can reach previous and prospective customers, improving customer perceptions, relationships and retention.

meticulous jess marketing tampa florida seo

Social Media Marketing is creating and posting powerful content that helps improve your presence and sales performance on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram , Linkedin, Twitter and more. A majority of consumers base their buying decisions on a company's social media presence alone. In addition, a majority of consumers state that they look for companies on social media that they have bought from before.
It is important to hire a professional who can create content to increase engagements,
sales and customer perceptions.

meticulous jess marketing tampa florida seo

Part of having strong brand awareness, an attractive website, and engaging social media marketing strategy, it is essential to have professional graphic designers. They will ensure your marketing materials (signs, brochures/flyers, business cards, website design, logos, etc.) will all be on-brand, piquant, effective, easy-to-read and improve sales, brand recognition and customer perceptions. Our staff consists of highly-trained graphic designers who are experts at creating beautiful content to compliment the written copy for all your marketing needs: web design, social media marketing, email/SMS campaigns, search engine marketing, inbound marketing and more.

meticulous jess marketing tampa florida seo

it is imperative to have strong, consistent branding among your entire marketing strategy. Having an easily recognizable logo, scalable for every type of media (even billboards) is one of the most important aspects of your branding strategy. Our expert graphic designers will help your create a logo that perfectly represents your brand and also provide you with the necessary file types and color variation (.SVG and .PNG) for every single marketing material you produce.

meticulous jess marketing tampa florida seo

Your company may have the resources to implement your own marketing strategy but need a fresh perspective on creating an effective marketing strategy that makes the most of your company's time and resources. We have many years of intense sales and management training and experience, multiple collegiate degrees and a lot of experience leading others and helping them optimize their business in every way. We can help optimize your supply chain, processes, management/leadership and marketing strategies, merchandising, store layout, and sales processes. We focus on helping you optimize your profits, make your process more efficient, motivate and train your sales staff, improve customer retention, branding and more. We also offer website design training so you can manage and edit your website in house.

meticulous jess marketing tampa florida seo

As a business owner, you are wearing many hats and are often overextended. Let the professionals help take the marketing hat off, so you can better focus on the other aspects of your business. Our collaboration and proven-to-work marketing strategies will propel your business in ways that you cannot do alone without compromising the quality and time spent on other tasks.
As a partner, our agency is fully invested in your success and will be with you every step of the way. We fully understand what your business needs to do to properly scale and grow. As your business grows and changes, we will continue to adjust the marketing strategy accordingly, maximizing your results.

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Our Marketing Agency is Passionate about Helping You Expand and Grow Your Business

Meticulous Jess is named after the owner, Jessica Edwards. With many years of experience as a business owner and as a MBA graduate, she is very experienced and highly knowledgeable; passionately dedicated to your success; and loves what she does. Find out more about her and the rest of the team by clicking the button below.

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Our Tampa based digital marketing agency helps local businesses all over the United States. Our mission is to help local businesses expand and grow to their fullest potential. We aim for 100% satisfaction through proven and measurable results. We want to work with business owners who are goal oriented, want to succeed, and are willing to collaborate and work together to make it happen.

Customers are actively looking for your products or services but aren't finding you. We help your business display prominently when your prospective customers are using search engines or social media to find businesses like yours.

We focus on gaining and retaining customers for your business! Our Agency specializes in improving brand recognition and helping you get noticed online through our Website Design and Development, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Google My Business Optimization, Content Marketing, Graphic Design, and Other Marketing Services!

Our agency takes pride in creating websites that not only look good, but help your business thrive and meet its goals. Stand out against the comptetion with an effective online storefront that improves your customer experiences and perceptions while also making your business more profitable.

We offer Consulting and Training Services to help you learn how to build your own website, train your sales staff, optimize your processes, protect your brand and more. We conduct one-on-one or team training with written, duplicatable processes for your business to utilize over and over again.

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Here you can view some of the websites we are working on or completed. The companies listed have used our services from logo design, search engine optimization (SEO), website design, creative copyrighting, photography/videogrpahy, social media marketing, graphic design, and more. Click below to see more.

achieve your lofty business goals


We create a roadmap to success for you! Depending on your goals, we help develop a plan to help you accomplish them! We aren’t just task rabbits, your success is our success! We are invested in helping you achieve your goals, no matter how lofty they are!

For example, are you a hair stylist currently renting a chair? Do you want to eventually own your own salon and rent out spaces to other stylists? We can help! We offer full-service marketing partnerships or business consulting to get your where you want to go!

Is social media marketing worth it?

The Importance of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is great for creating brand recognition, trust and transparency with consumers. 

Advertisements that are successful within social media platforms focus on emotional responses and encouraging impulse buying decisions, or provide value and create trust and transparency.

A majority of consumers base their buying decisions on a company’s social media presence alone. In addition, a majority of consumers state that they look for companies on social media that they have bought from before.

Consumers use social media for entertainment and social interaction first and foremost. Being aggressive on social media websites may alienate your company and upset prospective buyers by making them feel like you are taking advantage of the platform for your own montetary gain. 

That is why you should focus on building a brand via social media marketing without losing followers. 

We can help you create a social media presence that is truly beneficial to your brand and helps create lifelong customers. 

Generate More Organic Traffic

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO is the process of ensuring that when consumers are searching for your products or services, you are easily seen, recognized, and generates high quality traffic!

The reason the traffic is considered “high quality” is because unlike social media advertisements, consumers are actively searching Google for your products and services. This means they are “warm” or “hot” leads trying to make purchasing decisions. 

We help these warm and hot leads find you and click on your site!

After we help generate traffic we focus on conversion! Through meticulous website design, we encourage the generated traffic to actually contact you for your services!

The rest is up to you! (unless you hire us to optimize your sales process too)


Website template examples

Even if you already have a website, we can help establish more brand recognition, trust and transparency, as well as optimize it for SEO.

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Make-up Artist
Co-Working Space
Fitness Trainer
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