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Motivation is just the stimulant for success, and it helps drive your choices. In fact, motivation is more of a feeling than anything else. You may have heard or even said, “I am feeling unmotivated today.”

However, discipline is the main ingredient to success. Discipline is the choice to keep going despite how you feel today. It is waking up, exhausted, and still working towards your goals. It is choosing to work on a project instead of watching TV. Discipline is avoiding distractions and staying focused. This is a skill that every successful entrepreneur must learn to become truly successful.

Having discipline takes other skills and qualities like time management, proper prioritization, and tenacity.

How to Avoid Distractions:

⭐️ Turn Your Cell Phone on Silent and Move it Away from You or Face Down While Working on a Specific Project that Takes Complete Concentration.

⭐️ Turn off non-essential notifications on your phone and desktop (i.e social media, apps, etc.)

⭐️ Set boundaries with your clients, employees, and peers. Let them know which hours you are available for discussion and do not engage outside those pre-set times unless absolutely necessary. Setting up boundaries can seriously help you focus and ensure that you don’t get bogged down by constant communications that can wait.

⭐️ Avoid distracting music, podcasts, or television programs

⭐️ Make a daily and weekly to-do list with all your objectives. We use a desktop weekly calendar that we can write all our daily and weekly “must do’s”. Not only does this help you stay on task, but it also helps you visualize your progress. Studies show that by crossing items off a list after completion, you feel more accomplished and productive and it helps you feel more motivated.

⭐️ Block out times in your day for specific activities for your business. I.e: first hour: checking and replying to emails and social media notifications for your business; second hour: follow up with leads; the third hour: start writing your blog or content; etc. Figure out everything you need to do for the day to stay on target, and figure out the best way to block out your time to finish it all. Set aside time for stretching, bathroom breaks, and a little personal time so you do not burn out.

⭐️ Keep snacks and drinks within reach. This will help you stay on task while also staying hydrated and nourished. You should still take breaks for lunch and stretching but if you are less likely to get distracted by a dry throat or grumbling stomach by doing this. Also, you will focus much better with constant hydration and nourishment.

Did these tips help you? Do you have some tips that work well for you?

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