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Who is Jess? Not Just Meticulous, but Tenacious

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Ever since I could remember, I have wanted to know how things work. I was an extremely curious kid who asked a lot of questions. I had a thirst for knowledge that just could not be quenched. I have always been my worst critic, pushing myself to be the best I could be during every situation from school to sports to my career. My obsession with knowledge and success stems from my upbringing. My parents struggled to make ends meet, but they always made sure we felt rich with knowledge. What they lacked in capital resources, they made up with educational resources as well as constant encouragement and one-on-one tutoring. Whenever a teacher complained that I would “slow down class with my questions”, my parents always had my back.

Growing up poor is difficult for any child. I was often teased, bullied and even beat up for wearing old clothes, and for being a “nerd” or “know-it-all” (aka participating in class). I was taught at home that participating and asking questions was a good thing, but was often treated poorly for doing so by my peers and teachers. However, this did not stop me from continuing to be me, despite being ostracized by almost everyone.

I was so focused on my future and I wanted to know as much as possible.

I knew that I wanted more from life. I wanted to give my future children even more than I had growing up, so they would not have to suffer through the constant bullying that I did. I wanted to rise above, where my bullies couldn’t reach, and be the best I could be. I wanted to prove everyone wrong.

Even when I participated in sports, I dedicated my whole heart and soul into every practice. I was extremely dedicated and never missed a practice unless terribly ill. I would play despite minor injuries, and I rooted on my team unconditionally. I tracked my accuracy percentages, workout reps, and spent my free time at the YMCA perfecting my skills. When I love something, I put my whole heart and soul into it, and I loved basketball.

What is my current love?

Its not just one thing. I love my family but I also love my work. I love how much marketing helps businesses succeed and I love being apart of that. I love strategizing and thinking outside the box to help a business grow. I love integrating my many skills and passions to create a full marketing strategy for my customers, often thinking of things they would never consider-to protect and improve their business. My tendencies to overanalyze, ask too many questions, and be the best at what I do are paying off! I know that although I struggled as a kid, I am thriving as an adult.

I am Jess, and I’m not just Meticulous-I am Tenacious.

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Finally, a place where learning is truly encouraged! Being amongst people who were paying for the opportunity to learn, was a breath of fresh air. When I started college, I felt like I finally belonged. I made more friends than ever before, learned about so many different cultures, and truly started thriving. Participation and intellectual conversation was encouraged! No longer was I being mocked for using an advanced vocabulary or asking questions. I was extremely involved with school organizations and the community and was happier than I had ever been.

Towards graduation, I decided to open up my own retail business in the local mall. I started with $2,000, and within 3.5 years I had an LLC with 4 locations spanning 3 states with many people reporting to me. Every challenge that I faced, I proudly figured out creative strategies to solve it. With no guidance or formal business or marketing knowledge, I created a website, business cards, inventory forecasting and tracking systems, accounting systems, payroll systems, register tracking systems, a layaway plan and more. As Amazon, and internet shopping started to explode and destroy mall businesses, I saw my opportunity to liquidate my business at a profit and do something else. I started working in sales as an attempt to replace my income as a business owner. I loved the idea of still being in control of my paycheck, but with much less overhead.

However, I missed being an entrepreneur. I loved how each day was different, and presented new challenges for me to learn to overcome. I wanted to continue being an entrepreneur but this time, I wanted more tools in my toolbelt. After getting married to my soul mate and best friend, I went to graduate school to pursue my MBA while pregnant with my son. I finished a year and a half after his birth and I was so proud that I did it while also taking care of my son fulltime. I graduated May 2020, amidst the Covid crisis. There were hiring freezes all over, because no one knew what to expect. What I witnessed was a bunch of scared businesses who are unsure on how to proceed. I saw opportunities to help them get in front of millions of people quarantined at home. My husband encouraged me to follow my passion to help people and help businesses provide more American jobs in our community, so I set out to do just that. I decided to use my design skills, my business expertise and knowledge, my web development and IT skills, my planning and strategizing skills, my supply chain and process management strategies, my sales skills, all rolled up into one purpose-to help local businesses grow and make a difference. I spent hundreds of hours post graduation perfecting my craft and learning every single thing that I could so that I could truly offer my clients an exceptional experience and measurable results because I am personally invested in their success. As I stated above, I have always had this inherent need to strive to be the best at what I do and to soak up as much knowledge as I possibly can. For the first time in my entire life, I jumped up and down in excitement for my career! Nothing had excited me more than when I figured out that this is what I am meant to do! This is what I was built for. Ever since starting my business, I feel like I have found my place and I could not be happier! I love helping my clients, my community and taking pride in my work!

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Okay, I have found my dream job, and moved to my dream state (Florida). Now it is time to focus on accomplishing the rest of our dreams. One of the main things on our dream board was to finally own a house. After my husband and I both worked many 70+ hour weeks, we are finally going to be able to go under contract this summer on a new build! We will be picking out all the details and building the house of our dreams. This moment is HUGE for us. As first time homebuyers, we never imagined that we would have the opportunity to get exactly what we want (at an extremely affordable price!) and we are extremely grateful and feel like all of our hard work is finally coming to fruition. All our dedication and drive is finally taking us where we want to be. All our positivity and persistance through the tough times, is finally paying off. I will finally be able to give my son the home I always dreamed of.

And none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for my drive to succeed and learn. The traits that many resented as I grew up, only proved to be extremely useful and fitting for my career as a business woman/entrepreneur, a CEO, a marketing director, a website and graphic designer, a strategizer, an organizer, an employer, a writer, a motivator, a budgeter, a wife, and most importantly-a mother.

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