Thank you for Booking Your
Phase 1
Strategy Meeting!

Thank you for booking your Phase 1 Strategy Meeting with us! We are excited to discuss your business and how we can help you achieve your goals!

We are preparing for our meeting in the following ways:
→ Reviewing Your Questionnaire
→ Conducting Research and Gathering Information for the Next Steps
→ Coming Up with a List of Specific Questions or Steps Needed to Get Started

What to Expect:

Before Our Meeting:

You will be getting a confirmation email with the Zoom conferencing link and a copy of the information on this page.

During Our Meeting:

We will discuss your goals, timeline, and expectations for your business as a whole. Then, we will break it down into measurable Phases to help us best identify milestones within the project. For most businesses, they can expect their overall strategy to have this structure:

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Your business is unique so we will discuss how your strategy will vary based on your specific goals and vision during our meeting.

After Our Meeting:

You can expect to receive the following:

Better clarity and understanding of what you are envisioning for your brand and overall strategy.

An organized list of questions and items I need from you to complete tasks within Phase 1.

A comprehensive outline of your custom strategy for Phase 1 with specific steps and timeline.

How to Prepare for Our Meeting:

Although you are being sent a Zoom video conferencing link, you are not required to be on video.
However, it is important that you are in a quiet place and focused. This meeting is one hour  and 15 minutes long and we want to make the most of your investment!

Your Meeting Will Be With:

Jessica Edwards

Owner/CEO/Creative Director

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